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1) How have your past experiences influenced your academic record?

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does any body know how i can answer this question? im not sure my answer actually answers da question. this is my answer.



                My past experiences have really impacted my academic record. Through my hard times I have come to use education as some thing that helps me over come my feelings. I was never a star student but I always did my best in every single class. Education was my escape route. In my grief group we learned about finding new positive ways to handle with our losses, my way was school. Although school was not always the answer for me, I knew that it was they key to my future.

          I must admit that my life hasn’t been easy and things I have done in my past are not things to be proud of. One thing I am proud of is that I changed my ways. My past was filled with gang violence, drugs, and murder. My roller coaster ride has been nothing close to pleasant. At first I used drugs and violence to release my anger, now I use education. Ever since I started learning the difference between street smart and school smart I did my absolute best to receive an A in all my classes. I knew it wasn’t impossible, it just required a lot of hard work and dedication.

          My past experiences brought me to my weakest point. I was at the point of killing myself and taking the lives of those who took my brother’s and best friend’s life. I grew up knowing a lot of people. As the years went by the fewer people there were. The fewer the people there were the more car washes and fundraisers there were. The more funerals I attended the angrier I would get. I was mad at the world and every body in it including myself. I was out of control until my teacher saved me. I say she saved me because that is what she really did. She saw something in me that no one else saw before.

          I was only in fourth grade when my world came crashing down. As the days went by I felt lost and confused. Mrs. Barneck is an angel to me. She was the first adult I ever really talked to. She helped me when I struggled in my personal life and in education. She never gave up on me even when I begged her to. Till this day I know that she is the reason why I chose education as my escape route. She is the reason why I am still here and free. She saved me from myself, just like education did.

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  • andreabjelanovic

    This is really good so far,but do you wanna sum up the first couple paragraphs into one and then talk about the teacher and your experience in fourth grade? Maybe it’d be more specific to you that way. Just a thought.

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